Walter Koenig im Interview: Bester ist interessanter als Chekov!

Bei einem Online-Chat (zu Werbezwecken – gerade erschien sein neues Buch »Warped Factors: A Neurotic’s Guide to the Universe«) gab Schauspieler Walter Koenig folgendes von sich:

»Well, you know, I’ll always have a deep loyalty and abiding relationship with the character I played on Star Trek, Chekov. But certainly the greater challenge and more interesting artistic work was the work I’ve done on Babylon 5 as Mr. Bester.«

Zu ST:TNG gab er zu:

»I don’t know if anyone would admit it, but I think we were all a little threatened by it and hoped it wouldn’t succeed. None of us feel that way now, but back then we were all very proprietary with it.«

Quelle: SFW